Digital Strategy 2020-25

Connected and flexible admissions services for the digital age

We have explored four key themes through which our digital change and transformation objectives can be articulated.

our data insights will inform sector-wide strategic decision making

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UCAS will be...

a customer centric, product-focused digital business able to use data and digital technologies to connect students with their next opportunity

We will connect providers of further and higher education with individuals with whom they can build lasting, empowering possibilities.

As well as the commitments made in the strategy, it also outlines the substantial change required in the way UCAS operates – our cultural shift to be an even more customer centric and product-focused organisation.


Being digital is...

about being relentlessly customer focused and responding at pace to the stimuli we receive from our customers.

These stimuli come in a variety of forms – higher expectations; demands for greater efficiency and value; and in quantitative and qualitative data we receive both in real time and over the course of many months.

It is our ability to better collect, understand and interpret that data, using the power of technology, in order to deliver new and improved products and services to our customers that will make us a truly digital business.

How are we going to do all this?

Technology is often the defining feature of a digital strategy, but just as important are our ways of working, our route to market, and the pace with which can make decisions and innovate.

Our ambition is to be customer centric and product led. That ambition will define our ways of working and therefore become the 'how' this digital strategy is delivered.

In practice this means that we will organise ourselves and the way we work around our customer groups – students and their advisers, providers and agents that work on their behalf, commercial customers and our colleagues internally.

Our commitments identified in this strategy will inform and drive the development of the roadmaps for each of these customer groups and their products.


Our four themes...


Our commitment

Will deliver a digital experience that learns from, adapts to, and inspires the global learner, whilst providing insight for higher education providers, employers and businesses. We will deliver personalised and authoritative content, based on real-time data, and our UK sector expertise. We will provide services that establish connections between our various customer groups to facilitate their joint success.


Our commitment

By 2025, a substantial proportion of interactions with UCAS will be self-service and automated, including the scheduling and provision of intelligent insights and reporting. We will automate our processes, removing manual tasks, and manage the flow of work and information through our systems, with digital technologies, delivering greater efficiencies for providers and enabling them to recruit students more effectively.


Our commitment

By 2025 we will have integrated our services with providers, vendors and partners to provide trusted, shared registers and records, empowering the owners of the data to manage its use, and consumers of it to rapidly access and validate the information we hold. We will increasingly build our products across common platforms to ensure consistency, reusability, and integration between the services and businesses we operate.


Our commitment

By 2025, our insights will inform sector-wide strategic decision making, with UCAS at the heart of those decisions. We will use the latest data science techniques and technologies to bring together personalisation, predictability, and relevant data sets, to offer rich analysis and deep insights into our customers and the sector, in the design and delivery of our own products, and offering them as services to our partners and customers.

Measuring success

There are five key indicators that we will use to measure the success of our digital strategy.

  • Customer Satisfaction – The preeminent measure of everything we do
  • Lead Time – How long does it take us from starting work on something new to deploying it to customers?
  • Deployment Frequency – How often do we release new features to customers, for each of our product groups?
  • Recovery time – How long does it take to recover and resolve when something goes wrong?
  • Success rate – What percentage of changes made are successful first time?

Connected to our corporate strategy...

Our corporate strategy, Discover your future (along with UCAS Media's strategy, Connections that create value), is about connecting and sets out six strategic objectives for 2020-25.

Each of the themes in our digital strategy directly contributes to the delivery of one or more of the corporate strategic objectives, and focuses on how our digital ways of working, a better understanding of the value of data, plus digital technologies, will support and enable the delivery of each of these strategic objectives.



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